Our Frizzante

We believe in supporting small, family & local businesses where possible. Our frizzante is produced by an award winning Prosecco producer, just north of Venice, in the area known as ‘Colli Asolani’. The Bedin winery is a medium sized, family run company, who have been producing quality sparkling wines since 1948, with the passion & dedication being passed down from father to son for many generations.

Glera is the name by which the grape Prosecco is now officially known. Frizzente is made 100% from the Prosecco/Glera grape, produced in the Veneto region using the traditional Charmat method. It cannot be called Prosecco, because its not bottled at origin and supplied in 75cl bottles. Other than that, it’s made exactly the same way by an award winning producer of Prosecco in Italy, Enrico Bedin, who has a great history of producing quality sparkling Prosecco.

Floral, with a touch of peach and white nectarines, our frizzante is fresh, light & beautifully sparkling.